Collection Services

Commercial Collections

From the start we analyze your problem to determine whether it’s a momentary situation or if your customer simply cannot or will not pay. Once determined we proceed accordingly with an approach tailored to your case. The goal is not simply to collect but to restore the business relationship.

We prioritize your claims through this very case sensitive approach and by various points of contact. We financially scour the debtor to find all attachable resources for maximum recovery as quickly as possible. If your business has rendered a documented product or service and haven’t been paid call us immediately.

International Accounts

In accordance with today’s global commerce we are poised to handle accounts around the world, particularly Asian countries, Canada, Mexico and The U.K. We’re able to do this by networking with some of the finest attorneys and investigators in the world. Such invaluable resources allow for access to data as well as recovery. Our cohorts handle each case in a culturally sensitive manner and have collected tens of thousands of U. S. dollars for domestic clients.


We assess the customer’s financial viability using thorough investigations. We search for all attachable assets and resources of a company as they might pertain to you. Using such data we formulate a plan of action for recovery, while always sensitive to the customer relationship. We do this by tapping all accessible databases to pinpoint an elusive debtor.

Only when necessary and client approved, do we coordinate with any from a network of licensed, bonded investigators local to the debtor for maximum results. We also assess how the company compensates others past and present. This collectively allows us to determine if your debtor is still in business, or if they may be a prospect for closure or bankruptcy.

We track, we learn, we follow. In rare instances litigation is necessary because all other efforts have proven ineffective. We evaluate these cases carefully to determine whether there are any valid, liquid assets as to avoid any frivolous filing to add to your cost.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing describes our most common form of investigating. The term refers to one simply skipping out. It usually encompasses only internal detective work. But quite often it happens. You have provided product or services that you have not been compensated for and the contact that you once communicated with can no longer be reached.

Perhaps a company has closed or moved to another location. Or maybe you simply have limited information on who you sold to. We can help! We access extensive archives and with your limited information we trace and locate the responsible party (case sensitive).

Don’t just write off what appears to be a dead end dilemma or waste endless time tracking an evader. Allow our experts and our access to work for you.

Credit Alerts

You don’t have to take a loss without having the final say. Credit Alert allows you the option of making public record a company’s refusal to pay you. This allows others the right to assess the risk of doing business with the company.

We also assist you in the decision to extend credit to either an existing or potential customer. Simply ask your representative for Risk Assessment and he or she will gladly meet your needs with a detailed and timely report – it’s that simple.

International accounts